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A Real-World Project | 3

A Real-World Project

Out of the Shadows

The last mask in the series (Out of the Shadows), used the completed mask from the previous processes, but in order to get the final result, I used a self-portrait for the emerging eye and lip and scaled the image to match the mask. From there, I created a series of black and white foreground to background gradient masks and erased details of the self-portrait (ears, upper head) to match the rest of the mask series.

Parting Comments

In creating this series of images, a lot of experimentation was involved. Over time, I discovered what would work and eliminated those methods that didn’t give me the desired results. One thing I’ve learned about image creation is that it’s easy to get bogged down in complexity, so when I work on a project, I try to find the simplest way possible to get the results I’m after. I also create many variations, so I can experiment with them and refine the process over time.

When working with figures for projects such as this one, Poser is an excellent solution. But, it remains to be seen how Poser will evolve in the future. According to a news release I received from Curious Labs, e frontier and Curious Labs have announced a merging of both companies. The new company will retain the separate names of each entity, making e frontier the parent company of Curious Labs in the U.S.

Created: June 5, 2003
Revised: December 12, 2003

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