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Taking Your Talent to the Web

Taking Your Talent to the Web

Zeldman Book Cover
Taking Your Talent to the Web
By Jeffrey Zeldman
New Riders Publishing
ISBN: 0735710732, $40.00
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This is an explicit and detailed guide, an intelligent "how-to" book for professionals. It lays the groundwork and creates context by exploring essential concepts, defines terms that may be new or unfamiliar, and then moves forward with practical software techniques. All the while it is building on the existing knowledge and experience of its professional design audience. Taking Your Talent to the Web is based on the Populi Curriculum in Web Communications Design, developed by Jeffrey Zeldman in cooperation with Populi, Inc., (populi) and the Pratt Institute. The book's purpose is to guide traditional art directors and print designers as they expand their existing careers to include the new field of professional Web Design.



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