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Web Graphics for Non-Designers

Web Graphics for Non-Designers Book Cover
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Authors: Adrian Roselli
Dave Gibbons
Isaac Forman
Nick Boyce
ISBN: 1904151159
$49.99 US
Pages: 250
Pub: glasshaus

Book Overview (condensed, from the publisher)

In this book the reader is taken through the basics of Web design, looking at using color effectively on sites, visual elements that work, and how to use text effectively, before going on to show how to put these elements together to make a well designed Web page. Graphics formats are compared and contrasted; how to optimize your graphics for best site performance is discussed, and the best tools currently available for producing graphics for the Web are reviewed, including which tool to choose to best suit your needs.

Who is this book for?

This book is for any Web professional who wants to get up to speed with Web design quickly and effectively. No previous design experience is necessary, but knowledge of HTML is assumed, and some knowledge of CSS and a graphics package is recommended.

This book covers:

  • Effective use of color, visual elements, and text
  • Professional Web page design and layout
  • The ins and outs of bitmaps and vector graphics, including using Flash, SVG and SMIL
  • Optimizing Web graphics for better site performance

Book excerpts

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