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Digital watermarking software applications are making their way into the internet arena. These programs/plug-ins embed information about the author into video, audio or graphics files. This information, when decoded with the appropriate software, can reveal things such as the author's address, terms of use, copyright date, etc. Watermarks are unremovable and unalterable. The information does not degrade with file duplication and does not perceptively disrupt the original data file. For more information regarding digital watermarks, see the articles section.


Argent is a genuine digital watermark system. This patented technology provides a means for publishers of multimedia content to protect their copyrights on computer networks, or other digital media such as compact discs, as well as track content that is electronically distributed. The system can be simply differentiated from other digital watermark systems by its use of "keys" in the watermark process.
EIKONAmark transforms the copyright owner id_number into an invisible watermark and casts it in the body of the image. The watermark can easily be detected by the copyright owner by using EIKONAmark without any need to search in his/her digital image database. For Windows 3.x/Windows 95.
Offers both image and audio watermarking technology combining a secure key architecture with an embedded signalling algorithm.
The InvisibleInk engine uses sophisticated spread spectrum image processing techniques to embed an InvisiMark (an indelible, invisible "fingerprint") directly into the image. The inseparability of the InvisiMark from the image is a property unique to digital watermarking that opens up new applications for protecting and identifying collections of digital images.
JK_PGS (Pretty Good Signature)
This software is a tool for signing images and retrieving signatures from already signed images. JK_PGS is available in form of compressed binaries for Windows95, SGI, SUN and LINUX.
Multimedia Protection Protocol (MMP)
By using MMP it is possible to distribute digital music tracks and videos freely while keeping control of the usage of the tracks, so that fees and royalties can be deducted and calculated. MMP is a flexible system that can also store and transmit additional information, like the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), the composer, artist, duration, etc.
Musicode embeds inaudible, indelible, and easily-recoverable copyright information within music. These copyright watermarks can survive multiple analog tape generations as well as radio broadcast without altering the fidelity of the recording. By ARIS Technologies.
A plug-in for graphics packages such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PhotoPaint and CorelDRAW. Allows the creation and tracking of watermarked digital images. By Digimarc.
PixelTag technology allows many bits of copyright, caption, or tagging information to be imperceptibly embedded in images and other media. The hidden information resides in the actual pixel brightness values, not in details of the digital representation, so the hidden information stays with the image despite changes in file format (TIFF to JPEG), or digital-to-analog conversion (printing).
A generic tool for simple robustness testing of image watermarking algorithms and other steganographic techniques (anti-watermarking software). It can be applied to photographic digital images and will distort the watermark of too simplistic marking techniques such that the watermark or steganographic message that was embedded in the source image cannot any more be detected and decoded in the result image
SureSign fingerprints can be embedded into graphic, audio, and video digital data files to carry information relating to ownership and revision status. SureSign fingerprints are used in the field of copyright/IPR protection and also to validate and authenticate material in applications such as security documents and electronic commerce.
Online watermarking service that allows the information provider to embed a robust copyright label in image or video data. Rather than attempt to prevent the illicit copying and dissemination of proprietary information, the labeling technique discourages it by making misuse of unauthorized documents traceable and by providing evidence of misbehavior.
Digital watermarking technology from NEC and Informix. Available as a versatile DataBlade module for INFORMIX-Universal Server.
Un-marking software available for Windows 95 and Linux.


New Tools for Copyright Owners and Webmasters
Do you want all of your hard work to be stolen? Or do you prefer getting credit and payment for it? With digital watermarks you now have a choice, learn more about this emerging technology from an attorney specializing in intellectual property law. By Doug Isenberg.
Corralling Your Content
Includes background information about the technology in general as well as specific examples of application. By Richard Wiggins.
How new `digital watermarks' can protect your on-line images
Peter Cassidy examines the latest crop of digital watermarking technologies. These tools offer the first steps toward permanently tagging content with identifiers that will enable fast clearance while deterring potential copyright infringers.
Look It's Not There
A general overview of digital watermarks, explaining the various technologies available and the theory behind them. The next button at the bottom will take you to related articles from that issue of BYTE.

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