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Want Affordable E-Commerce? Check out Site Build It | 4

Want Affordable E-Commerce? Check out Site Build It


From here, you use what you’ve learned to build more pages and attract traffic. Some of this will be in the form of Link Exchanges, Pay per Click programs, etc. Over time, you’ll also want to create an ezine and build lists of subscribers.

At point, it’s uncertain as to what my returns will be as my site has yet to be indexed by the search engines. However, one sure fire way to jump start the process is to do link exchanges with other sites. That will begin the process of getting traffic flowing to your site. Another method (mentioned by a SBI user), is to post Google Adsense Ads on your site. In his opinion, that jump started the search engine process.

Over the coming months, I’ll be posting updates to this article, letting you know of the progress once the site has been indexed, what kinds of returns are starting to trickle in and what I’ve done to tweak my pages for better search engine positioning.

Further Notes, Pricing and Availability

Although the software works well overall, there are some bugs (as noted earlier) that need to be addressed. These issues will be resolved with a new release of the Site Build It Manager, which has many improvements. It also comes with a new release of the Action Guide, which has been completely rewritten.

Another new feature is the Multi-page Re-Uploader. It’s in the final testing stage and will allow users to upload 20 pages at a time without having to re-do the entire sequence each time... It’s very close to FTP.

Currently, you can purchase Site Build It using one of two options:

You can purchase it for $495.00 for a full year – this is all inclusive with no additional monthly charges. You can order it today risk free and receive a an immediate $100 rebate and a special bonus of 3 free months... a total of 15 months of SBI! for only $395.00.

With option #2, the fee is $299.00 a half-year of SBI – as above with no additional monthly costs. If you order it today, you receive the same risk-free success guarantee, and receive an immediate $50 rebate and a bonus of 2 months... a total of 8 months of SBI! for only $249.00.

Additional Resources

One book that got me started on Affiliate Marketing is Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income. While a few years out of date, the information is quite valuable and I recommend it highly.

Wordtracker is an excellent online application that works well in conjunction with SBI. Wordtracker is a keyword searching application designed to help you find the appropriate keyword concepts for your site.

Prior to using SBI and Wordtracker, I would come up with keyword combinations that I thought were pretty nifty, only to find that they scored poorly when I did an analysis on them.

For the bulk of this article, the majority of my keyword searches were done using the Site Build It Manager. It was only towards the end of my research when I began to make use of Wordtracker.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing a review of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2002 From what I've seen so far, it's been an interesting read. Don’t let the date throw you off as the book is regularly updated online.

If you have any questions about this article, please send me an email.


Created: March 27, 2003
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