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Search Engine Optimization: Selecting and Embedding Keywords | 2


Search Engine Optimization: Selecting and Embedding Keywords [con't]

Keywords and Phrases in Headings and Content

Next up are the titles in your actual content. Your content would be divided into paragraphs and sections. Some of theses section will have headings. It is very advantageous for your search engine optimization to have as many headings as possible in your content. Embed your keywords and phrases into these headings and content to get more assistance from your keywords.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the description of your web site, which search engines display as part of a search result. This is a section of your web site where you directly embed keywords and phrases along with the description. Look at the example below and create something similar for your own web site.

Embed this data into all your pages. This example is for a beach resort web site. Ignore the sections that you have already populated, such as TITLE. The important parts here are the description and the keywords. Populate the description with the content you want search engines to show along with search results, and the keywords with the keywords and phrases you picked earlier.

Getting the right keywords for your web site is not the simplest task. It takes time and practice. Also, you need to keep an eye on how search queries change and update your keywords accordingly. However, just by adding keywords and a description to your pages will greatly help your endeavor to climb higher up the search results ladder.

Original: March 18, 2010