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Awards 3

Awards and Recognition

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Ravi's Elite Site Award 4-13-96
Starting Point Choice Award Starting Point Choice Site 3-12-96
MSN Pick of the Week MSN Pick of the Week 2/29/96 - 3/5/96
Planet Earth's Top 100 Planet Earth's Top 100 Feb. 1996
[InfoSeek Cool Site] InfoSeek Cool Site 2-7-96
Internet World's Site of the Day 2-2-96
NBNSOFT Content Awards 2-1-96
Newcomm Web Pick of the Day 2-1-96
WinMagWeb Hot Spot 1-29-96
InfoWorld Hot Sites Week of 1-22-96
Cosmic Site of the Night (Cool Central) 1-22-96
Lottery Pick of the Day 1-21-96
Kaleidoscope Cool Site of the Month Jan. 96
Yahoo's Picks of the Week 1-19-96
Club Web Platinum 100 1-18-96
Clearinghouse approved 1-18-96
AAA Cool Site of the day 1-15-96
Page of the Day 1-10-96
NetGuide Site of the Day 1-5-96
Net Sites of Note - USA Today 1-1-96
Cool Site of the Day Cool Site of the Day 12-31-95
Cool Page of the Day GIF Cool Page of the Day 12-31-95
RIDDLER !Riddler's Choice 1-11-96
Starting Point's Hot Site Starting Point's Hot Site 12-29-95
Cool Site of the Nite 12-28-95
Pirate Pete's Pick of the Web Pirate Pete's Pick of the Web 12-23-95
Wotd GIF Wave of the Day 12-20-95
BAT's Catch of the Day 12-19-95

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Revised: October 21, 1996