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Web design is a combination of skills so quality resources on the subject are few and far between. Design includes skilled page layout, graphic design, use of white space, rhythm, and nuance. See also our HTML Style section and Production Graphics for more info.

WebReference Articles

The Art & Science of Web Design
Learn Web design the object-oriented way with Jeffrey Veen from HotWired.com.
Dmitry's Design Lab
Dmitry Kirsanov, author of Top Ten Web Design Tips and HTML Unleashed, shows how you can use Style Sheets, graphics, and layout to make your pages stand out from the crowd.
Communicate With Color
Maura Yost points out that effective use of color is one of the most direct ways to communicate on your pages - and not nearly as straightforward as you may have thought.
HotWired Style: A Summary
HotWired Style codifies the ideas that worked at hotwired.com, and it's a must read. User-centered design, speed with style, clarity and simplicity (banish drop shadows and bevels), thinking above the fold, all these guidelines can help any site you design.
Interview with Molly Holzschlag
An interview with Molly Holzschlag, a prolific Web author, instructor, and designer. In this interview, she discusses technology and the sometimes overlooked human side of the Web.
Software Developers Have Something To Teach You
Jon Dillon emphasizes the importance of focus in Web site planning.
Taking Your Talent to the Web
Read this exclusive prerelease written by the founder of A List Apart, Jeffrey Zeldman Presents and The Web Standards Project.
WebTV Design Guide For Webmasters
Learn how to design your web pages for display on WebTV, including the new Plus model. Colors, fonts, HTML tips, and WebTV-specific HTML tags are covered, including a screen shot of WebReference on WebTV. By Kathy Casper.
What Makes a Great Site?
The essential traits of great web sites. Timely original content, interactivity, good organization, and easy navigation are some characteristics of great web sites. By Andrew King.

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