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3-D Animation on the Web: A Final Word

A Final Word

Viewer attention is money.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that, through the Internet, the computer monitor is rapidly merging with the television in the public mind. Television producers have absolute confidence in the superiority of animated titling and graphics over their still counterparts because they have a compelling fascination to the viewer, and the television producer knows that viewer attention is money. When a television viewer actually enjoys watching your advertisement, you really have something. So with the Web. When the viewer is drawn to and takes pleasure in watching your company logo, you are creating the kind of awareness and identity that is the absolute foundation of all marketing. That a logo or advertising link can be entertainment in itself is a powerful and important idea.

3-D animated loops...are ideal for web sites.

Animated loops are a new art form, with an aesthetic that will develop rapidly. They are something completely new--an image that moves, yet remains in place on the screen without any natural termination. They are thus ideal for web sites. The 3-D approach to animation is so powerful, and contains so many untapped tools, that it will be many years before artists begin to sound its parameters. For now, the energy that 3-D effects bring to the page in even the simplest implementations makes the medium valuable. 3-D animation, like the Internet, is simply a very exciting place to be right now, and instinct says that these two new-born Titans will grow up swiftly, playing with each other.

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Robert Polevoi, a former attorney, has been involved in computer graphics for many years as partner in Vellum, a firm engaged in the design and manufacture of high-end greeting cards and stationery products. He became fascinated with 3-D graphics upon its first appearance on the personal computer two years ago, and has developed his animation skills and design vision over hundreds of late nights. In December 1996, he established Lambspring Studios to design 3-D animated loops for web sites and multimedia CDs. His website can be found at http://www.lambspring.com. He can be reached at rob@lambspring.com.

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