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For newbies to webmasters: Webreference.com is the fastest way to learn about the Web and webmastery. Advertising rates and linking info.

what's new October 7, 1997

3-D Animation Workshop: 3D Studio MAX
Continuing our look at popular 3-D software we take a closer look at 3D Studio MAX, a powerful object-based modeling program that makes tweaking a pleasure. Oct. 7, 1997
HTML Unleashed Professional: Strategies for Indexing and Search Engines
In our second exclusive excerpt of this upcoming book, learn all about luring search spiders, efficient keyword strategies, using META tags, and other secrets of search-friendly HTML design. By Dmitry Kirsanov. Oct. 6, 1997
Jammin' Banner Ads - Intermediate Flash
In part two of our Macromedia Flash tutorial you'll learn how to add sound, interactivity, and curvy motion to your movie. By Amy Cowen. Oct. 2, 1997
Internet Outlook: Should the Web Browser Replace Powerpoint?
Inspired by a Calgary conference he's attending, Rich ponders the utility of using Web browsers versus Powerpoint for live presentations. By Rich Wiggins. Oct. 1, 1997
3-D Animation Workshop: Comparing Professional 3-D Packages
In part two of our look at 3-D software, Robert compares two major 3-D packages; Lightwave 3D and 3D Studio MAX. By Robert Polevoi. Sept. 30, 1997
HTML Unleashed Professional - Exclusive Preview!
Dmitry's contributed to another book, which we will preview over the coming weeks. First up, Chapter 42: Creating Widely Accessible Web Pages. This chapter summarizes the techniques and approaches you can use to make web pages more accessible to people with disabilities, without sacrificing their presentational sophistication. By Dmitry Kirsanov. Sept. 29, 1997
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
The best guides and collections for CSS, the W3C's answer to proprietary appearance tags. Style sheets allow webmasters to change the appearance of entire sites by altering just one file. Sept. 26, 1997
Doc JavaScript: Rotating Text Banners - Rx #3
Add spice to your Web pages with a unique Rotating Text Banner. You'll learn how to combine JavaScript and Dynamic HTML to create a dynamic effect that enables you to present unlimited information in a limited area. By Tomer Shiran. Sept. 25, 1997
Dynamic HTML Lab: Dynamic Content in Internet Explorer 4
Learn how IE4's new object properties and methods can dynamically update an existing page. Any element's contained HTML can be retrieved, modified, or deleted. Peter illustrates these new features with a dynamic client-side Q&A quiz. By Peter Belesis. Sept. 24, 1997

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