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what's newMay 8, 1998

Announcing DHTML Diner!
Visit our site's newest section for a quick script snack. In between columns nibble on our code snippets, short techniques, and answers to popular requests. Today's menu includes four delicious recipies for your DHTML delight. Peter's expanding the menu, so look for more mouth-watering morsels soon. Now, about that drive-through window... By Peter Belesis. 980508
HTML Collections
Want to know where the best html information hubs are? Well look no further. You've found it! 980507
Extra! AltaVista Announces Real Name System Alliance
Imagine: you type in a familiar word or phrase, like a product, service, or slogan and click - you're there. It's the Web without the wwws and the .coms. Centraal made it happen, and AltaVista is glad they did. Our own Rich Wiggins gives you all the Buzz about this latest Web alliance. 980507
Tangled Up in Scripts Part I: Sharing Data
From our friends over at Internet World Daily. Two words. JavaScript. Frames. Go there or be square. 980507
VRML Browsers
I know you've been itching to surf the 3-dimensional realms out there. Well, pick one of the browsers off of our list and go for it. 980506
Related Article: VRML--Now's the Time
Is it for real? Has the shining promise of interactive 3-D environments on the World Wide Web materialized into a practical solution? Should web developers and 3-D artists be rushing to hone their VRML development skills in anticipation of major commercial demand for this technology? Find out here.
Business Magazines
By popular demand we've expanded our magazines section to include Internet-oriented business magazines. 980505
Graphics Collections
More than just images, our newly updated collections section has links to sites with the images, tutorials, advice and resource links which artists may find helpful in creating their Web graphics. 980504
HTML Workshop: The Perfect Thumbnail Gallery
A common task Web designers and HTML coders face is creating a method of presenting a "contact sheet" style thumbnail gallery that's low on bandwidth. See what secrets our friends over at Internet World Daily have to help in this endeavor. 980504
Electronic Commerce Tutorials
Do you need a clue to help you put your business on line? Mr. Green is waiting in our link library to help you study the ins and outs of e-commerce. Don't forget to bring the candlestick. 980501
Designing your E-Commerce Site for Service
Fergal Byrne takes us for a tour of the components of a working e-business system: from the customer's view - visuals, navigation, and content, to the back office, the stockroom, and the boardroom. 980501
ThingMaker 1.0 Review
Parable Corp.'s ThingMaker 1.0 gives multimedia Web authors object-oriented drag-and-drop creation of pages that boast dynamic HTML-like interactivity, but are still compatible with pre-version 4 browsers. From our friends at Internet World Daily. 980501
Internet Buzz: Inktomi: You'll Use It
What do Microsoft, HotBot, NTT, Oz News, and N2H2 have in common? If you answered "search me" you were only partially right. Not only can they all search "you" or anything else, they'll all be doing it with a search engine built by their partner company: Inktomi. Learn how this "vertical player" got its search engine to be the most used on the planet. By Rich Wiggins. 980430
3D Animation Workshop: SOFTIMAGE - NURBS Blending
This final lesson of Softimage 3D focuses on the art of NURBS blending - the careful welding of separate surfaces to create a seamless model. By Robert Polevoi. 980429
Marketing Information
Trying to market your wares on the Internet? We've updated our marketing links just for you today. You'll find the latest research, articles, and feature pages about this fundamental topic. 980429
Colossal Collections
Check out these links to huge collections of Web / Net links. 980429
Dynamic HTML Lab: Cross-Browser Visibility Transitions
FX for the rest of us. Become a big Hollywood special effects wizard the DHTML way. Peter Belesis shows you how to show and hide elements with enough flair to stop a fully loaded semi. Mixed metaphors not included. 980428
Adobe Announces Photoshop 5: First Look
Adobe Systems unveiled Photoshop 5 today, with a host of new features centered around enhanced color support, multiple undo capabilities, and advanced type handling features. Daniel Giordan, author of the upcoming "Using Photoshop 5" book from MacMillan Computer Publishing, takes a first look at this new version of Photoshop. 980427
Doc JavaScript: JavaScript Animations, Part I
They're alive! They swoop, they bounce, they creep and crawl: not since Frankenstein has a Doctor harnessed such raw power of animation. Now you too can bring your Web pages alive with a powerful infusion of Doc Javascript's latest elixir. "Drink deep dear darlings." By Tomer Shiran. 980427
HTML 4.0 in Netscape and Explorer
Stephanos Piperoglou has annotated and clarified the W3C's spec for HTML 4.0. Learn what tags work and don't work in the latest Netscape and Explorer browsers. This article includes a history of HTML's evolution, an in-depth reference to the spec, and information on proprietary tags. 980424

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