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>From Net beginners to webmasters, webreference.com is the fastest way to learn about the Web and the art of Web site creation. From browsing to authoring, from HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you up-to-date, informed, and in touch. Be sure to see who won the Web Wizard of the Month award. Frequent visitors will want to see what's new.
JavaScript Tip of the Week
Track where you've been on a site with this remote History Tracker. This tip utilizes user-defined objects. By Nick Heinle. 10-7-96
Optimizing Animated GIFs
Learn how to create the smallest possible animated GIFs. A new technique called the "difference method" is explained. By Andrew King 10-9-96
Take the award-winning ROADMAP to the Information Superhighway course by Patrick Crispen, famous for his clarity and pesky squirrels. 10-1-96
Search Engines
A hype-free, non-technical look at these new tools of the Information Age. By Bruce Grossan. 9-2-96
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