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Interactivity, Sound, and Curvy Motions in Flash

You can see in the final *.swf versions of the banner ads (the major difference being the opening movement of MySite.com and the difference in the buttons in the end frames) that I've done some tweaking and added some minor enhancements to tie elements together. But overall, you've seen the entire process and are now confident that you can use symbols, buttons, and sound in your own movies and in projects that go far beyond the simplicity of a banner ad. Each of these banners has been exported as a Shockwave Flash Movie to take advantage both of Flash's streaming capabilities and of the interactive features and sound elements we've used. Figure 20 is under 10K, a typical banner ad requirement, and Figure 1 is approximately 27K, and, don't forget, they stream, so run times shouldn't be a problem across a 28.8 modem or better.

The opening MySite.com segment is way too long and wouldn't hold my interest as a viewer, but other than that, the banners are solid and, with their sound and button elements, would have been difficult to create in another program. Just remember, it's good to have an idea of what you want to see happen in your movie. But part of the beauty of Flash is that it's easy to go back into a movie and incorporate a new element that, after the fact, you just know would "work." Also, keep in mind that while I've incorporated many elements here so that you can see some options, it is possible to go overboard.

Figure 20: Curvy motion, interactive, sound-enabled banner ad

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Created: Sep. 29, 1997
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