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DHTML Application Toolbars - DHTML Lab | 7


DHTML Application Toolbars

Internet Explorer allows you to create Windows-like toolbars for your applications extremely easily using simple DHTML.

In this short article, we created both a simple text-based toolbar, and a more complex one using images, buttons, rollovers, and keyboard access.

A complete working example may be downloaded in ZIP format: toolbar.zip


Using the system colors, create hierarchical menus (using our Hierarchical Menu script, of course) that appear off our toolbar, for a real application-like Web page.

Look Out For

When using the ACCESSKEY attribute with BUTTON, the event performed by the keypress is click. In our example code, we included the window.focus() statement in the mouseup event handler. However, mouseup is not fired by ACCESSKEY, so the focus may remain on the button. To switch focus to the window, include the window.focus() statement in your custom functions called by each button's onClick handler.

Till next time, then.

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