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Version 4 - The Page-Specific Parameters


Sets the font color for all menu item display text in the page. All menus, in all cascades (top-level and children) are affected.

HM_PG_FontColor overrides site-wide global settings declared in the external script.

HM_PG_FontColor can be overwritten on a per-tree basis by the font_color parameter element in top-level menu arrays.

Hexadecimal color values or color name.
IE-only: May also use CSS decimal RGB color value or user-defined system color value.

May be specified as:
  • string
  • string JS expression to be evaluated

Example Values
string: "#99AD3F"
    All menu item text will display in the color defined by #99AD3F

string: "red"
    All item text will display in red.

JS expression: "getFontColor()"
    A custom function that you have created will be called. The return value of this function will be the HM_PG_FontColor parameter, and all menus in the page will comply.

JS expression: "(IE4) ? 'menutext' : 'black'"
    The complete JS code is included in the parameter declaration. In the above example, HM_PG_FontColor will be menutext (an IE4+ user-defined system color value) if Explorer is being used and black for all other browsers.

If this parameter is omitted the relevant Global Parameter value, set in the external script is used.

Differences from Version 3 equivalent
The fntCol parameter in Version 3:
  • was mandatory.
  • did not accept JS expression values.

If you are writing for an IE-only environment, for example, a corporate intranet, you can also use:
  • CSS decimal RGB color values in the form: rgb(red green blue)
    Ex. "rgb(205 5 122)"
  • user-defined system color values. See Column 24 for a complete list of these values.
    Ex. "activecaption"

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