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Pop-up Calendar 1.0
The Calendar Attributes, Part 6

use_webdings   use_webdings = "false"
Internet Explorer and Gecko browsers recognize the webdings font family if it is installed on the user's computer. This font can produce the rewind ( ), back ( ), forward ( ) and fastforward ( ) control symbols as text.

By using webdings instead of images, four image downloads can be avoided.

Opera, however, does not recognize the font and will display the text values in a non-symbol font.
Instead of , Opera displays 7 3 4 8.

The script provides a default use_webdings value of false.

Usage Suggestion:
Set this parameter to true only if you are writing a non-web application for a controlled environment, like an intranet, where you are guaranteed IE or Gecko use and installation of the webdings font.

nav_images nav_images =

Use this parameter to define which images are to be displayed in the navigation bar to signify previous-year, previous-month, next-month and next-year navigation.

Use your own images, or any of the following, which are included in the dlcalendar.zip download.

Remember to include the correct relative or absolute path of the image directory, if the images are not in the same directory of your pages.

dlcalendar_prevyear_black.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_black.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_black.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_black.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_white.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_white.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_white.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_white.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_red.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_red.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_red.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_red.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_green.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_green.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_green.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_green.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_blue.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_blue.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_blue.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_blue.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_yellow.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_yellow.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_yellow.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_yellow.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_magenta.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_magenta.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_magenta.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_magenta.gif
dlcalendar_prevyear_cyan.gif, dlcalendar_prevmonth_cyan.gif,
dlcalendar_nextmonth_cyan.gif, dlcalendar_nextyear_cyan.gif

The script provides a default nav_images value of

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Created: July 20, 2004
Revised: July 20, 2004

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