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DHTML Lab - DHTML Diner - Element Page Coordinates, Part 2 | 9

Determining Element Page Coordinates, Part 2
IE for Windows and TABLEs

All Border-Related <TABLE> Attributes

This page hosts a tool allowing you to view the rendering of all value combinations for BORDER, FRAME and RULES.

Below the buttons are two radio buttons allowing you to choose which set of functions to use to position the blue square:

Old Functions: The functions created in Part 1 of these articles and reproduced earlier in this article.
New Functions: The functions created later in this article.

In the section marked "Attribute Combinations" below, you can choose attribute-value
combinations for both outer and inner tables.
You can also make the tables single-row/single-column, to see how the absence of
cell divisions affect the rendering.


The tables will re-render to reflect your choices, as will the reference HTML
to the right of the tables.

When the blue square is re-positioned, the section marked "Resulting Calculations"
will display the calculations the functions performed to
determine where to place the blue square.



Attribute Combinations

Outer Table

Inner Table


Resulting Calculations

Function Calculations (Old - Part 1 functions) Function Calculations (New - Part 2 functions)