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Friendly Page Redirect

The Back Button Blues

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

    You visit a site and navigate to a jump-to page with many links. Your intention is to visit a few of these. You click one. The new page informs you that a plug-in is needed to proceed; Do you want to download? Or, you are informed that the page is browser-specific and you are using the wrong browser.

    You want to navigate back to the jump-to page and click on another of the links.

    So, you instictively click your browser's Back button.

    Surprise, surprise, you keep getting the page you are trying to leave?!?!

    It seems you are stuck on this page, unless you use the Back button's pull-down menu to return to the link page!

What happened? Why doesn't the browser take you back to what you consider to be the previous page?

The author of the site has most probably used improper JavaScript page redirect statements. Try it:

Getting it right, and saving your visitors much frustration is easy.

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Created: Mar 21, 2000
Revised: Mar 21, 2000