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DHTML Lab: HierMenus CENTRAL: Version 5 Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

What browser versions work with Version 5 of our Hierarchical Menu script? Here's a quick reference, along with limitations (if any) of each browser version:

The 5.x Hierarchical Menu script works with:

• Internet Explorer for Windows, Version 4+ (4/5/6)
• Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Version 5.x+ (Except cross-frames. Also, see our known issues page for some potential IE5 Mac shortcomings)
• Netscape Navigator, Versions 4.04+
• Netscape 6.x/7.x
• Other Gecko-powered browsers (Mozilla 1.0+)
• Konqueror 3.0 for UNIX/Linux
• Opera 7+
• Safari 1.0

To setup HierMenus on your pages, you will need to have the ability to add JavaScript files (with the .js extension) to your Web Server. If you cannot upload .js files to your server then you will not be able to implement HierMenus on your site. This is not a problem in the vast majority of sites; but if you are at all unsure about whether or not you can store .js files on your site then you should check with your site host first.

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