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DHTML Lab: HierMenus CENTRAL: Version 3.x FAQ #9 - dhtmlab.com

Frequently Asked Question #9

Entered: July 27, 1999

The menu script doesn't seem to work with Navigator 4.5+. Why?

The menu script DOES work with Navigator 4.5+.

It has, since Version 3.03, published in December, 1998.

Version 1.0 of our script appeared in February, 1998; Version 2.0 in May, 1998; Version 3.0 in September, 1998. All of these versions pre-date the appearance of Navigator 4.5.

When developing these versions, we could not foresee future changes to browser behavior that would make the script inoperable. Navigator 4.5 introduced modified JavaScript behavior. We quickly adapted the script and published as Version 3.03. Version 3.04 improved on this adaptation, and we have maintained compatiblity ever since.

We did not go back to change the script in the early columns. These columns discuss the old script and they must demonstrate the old script. We have included an IMPORTANT NOTE at the beginning of each menu article that clearly states that newer browser versions may possibly not display the script.

Authors should always use the most recent version of the script. The menu articles, whether full columns or addendi, should help you understand how we developed the script.

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Created: Dec 29, 1998
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