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Frequently Asked Questions

Revised: June 26, 2001

This page hosts answers to the most-often-asked and most-important questions regarding Version 3.x of the Hierarchical Menu script. If you are having a problem with the script, please check here first for a possible solution. If you do not find it, we would love to hear your question.

0 Why doesn't the HM script work with the newly-released Netscape 6? Answer
1My menus seem unable to cover form elements that exist below them in z-order. The form elements always show through! This behavior is common to all form elements in Navigator, but only the SELECT element in Explorer. I have placed the form in a positioned element and modified the z-index, so that the form elements are placed below the menus, yet the problem persists. Why?

The persistence of form element visibility is not affected by the z-order of positioned elements. This behavior is documented by the browser vendors, and will, hopefully, be changed in the fifth generation browsers. For now, you can read about the problem, illustrated with many in-page examples at the DHTML Diner: Positioned Elements and OS Controls, Applets and Plug-ins

2 I am attempting to use the menus with Active Server Pages, but ASP displays an error message regarding "improperly nested SCRIPT tags." Why does this happen, and how can I avoid it? Answer
3 I am using the menu script and the fader script (or any other DHTML script). If placed alone in the page, the scripts works fine. When both are included in the same page, only one of the two works, depending on their page order. That is, the first script doesn't kick in. Why?


I included your menu script in my page but it doesn't work. Must be a problem with your code, cause all the other scripts in the page work!

4 The Hierarchical Menus script item display is text-based. Occasionally, I need to include an image as part of an item. Could you please include this functionality in a future release? Answer
5 I am using the Hierarchical Menus with frames, a navigation frame and a main frame. Some of my menu items are links to other sites. The menus display properly in the main frame when first loaded but if I navigate to a URL located on a different server, the menus no longer appear. Why? What can I do to avoid this behavior? Answer
6 When I use the menus in a frameset, there are some links which I would like to mark so that they break the frameset, loading into the full window. What can I do?


Some of the pages my items link to need to appear in a new window. Can I do this from the menu script?


In a multi-frame frameset document, I don't always want the linked-to pages to appear in the "main" frame, but in a third or fourth frame off the main frameset. Can I do this?


How can I specify a target for the menu item links, like I do in the A tag with TARGET= attribute?

7 The menus, in their frameset version, are created every time a new page appears in the main frame. Can't we cache them, or something, so that they don't have to be re-created? Answer
8 I am using the menus in a frameset. I want the menus to be created in the navigation frame, once, and appear over the frame border; I don't want them created in my main frame every time. Why can't I do that? Answer
9 The menu script doesn't seem to work with Navigator 4.5+. Why? Answer
10 Most OS menus have separators. That is, horizontal bars that can be used to divide the menu items into logical sections. How can I include separators using the Heirarchical Menus script? Answer
11 We are using IEWin, exclusively, in a controlled intranet environment. IE allows us to link directly to Word .doc files and Excel .xls files in link HREFs. These files are then displayed in the normal browser window. We are using the Heirarchical Menus script in a frameset.

When we use such URLs in the menu arrays, and attempt to navigate to them, IE generates an error. How can I prevent the error and open Word and Excel files in the main frame directly and keep the menu script active?
12 How can I avoid the status bar displays that the HM script generates, that is:
"Creating Hierarchical Menus: xxx" and
"xxx Hierachical Menus Created"?
13 I am using IE5 Macintosh. The examples on DHTML Lab work fine. I am having a problem with my own implementations. The menus work fine on some pages, but not on others. All of my pages use the same hierArrays.js and hierMenus.js files. The in-page parameters are identical and no other possibly-conflicting scripts are being used. Why am I getting these seemingly random problems? Answer
14 I am using the HM script in a very long page. I am creating only a couple of menus and, judging from the status bar display during menu creation, the menus are created quickly. However, in IE, there is an inexplicable, and unacceptable, delay before the menu-creation begins. This behavior is not exhibited in NS. Why? Answer
15 The font size that I specify renders differently across platforms. For example, a 10pt font looks fine on Windows but it is too small on the Mac. Can I specify different font sizes for different platforms? Answer


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