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Revised: June 26, 2001

The hierarchical menu script has undergone many revisions, updates and improvements. Every major revision has included instructions for including the script in your web pages. If you are a new DHTML Lab reader you may find the instructions hard to find in the many articles devoted to the script. This section of HierMenusCENTRAL contains step-by-step instructions for Version 3 of the script.

Frameset vs Full Window

The hierarchical menu script can be used for both frameset and non-frameset (full browser window) documents.

The same script is used in both cases. It adapts to the environment, depending on the values it finds in parameter variables that you, the author, set.

For the sake of simplicity, the instructions branch after this page into NoFrames and Frameset sections, even though they are, for the most part, identical.

Following the Instructions

The initial page of both sections lists all the steps necessary for script inclusion. If you need more information, click the details link for that step.

Alternately, you can view all step details, consecutively, by selecting the Go to Step 1 link from the initial page.

View Full Window (no frames) Instructions
View Frameset Instructions

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Revised: June 26, 2001

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