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AppleTalk Software for Embedded Applications

The Macintosh computer has been extremely successful at simplifying many networking tasks which are significantly more difficult to accomplish with other types of computers. For example, installing a printer or other network device on an AppleTalk network is as simple as physically connecting it to the network and turning it on. As a result, customers using Macintosh computers typically specify that their networking equipment properly support the AppleTalk protocols required by the Macintosh operating system.

To facilitate the development and rapid delivery of AppleTalk-capable network devices, Quiotix offers the Embedded AppleTalk family of software products, which enable developers to rapidly add AppleTalk protocol support and services to their products, including printing, remote access, modem sharing, and routing services. Our network applications can quickly and easily be incorporated into an embedded platform to create a ready-to-sell network device. Additionally, we can work with you to develop additional embedded applications for your device.

Quiotix Embedded AppleTalk Products

Embedded AppleTalk Protocol Stack. We offer a high performance, portable implementation of AppleTalk Phase II, which is extremely well-suited to running in embedded environments, and designed to make it easy to develop AppleTalk network devices. It is a faithful implementation of the full AppleTalk protocol suite. It supports AppleTalk over Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and LocalTalk networks.

Quiotix PrintServer. The Quiotix PrintServer application advertises an AppleTalk print service to the network, accepts print jobs from Macintosh workstations, and passes the print data to serial or parallel PostScript printers connected to the print server unit. It is suitable for embedding in dedicated print server units, in terminal server hardware with printers attached to one or more ports, or in the printer itself. The Quiotix PrintServer application can also act as a printing protocol translator, advertising an AppleTalk print service on behalf of a foreign print service such as a NetWare or TCP print queue.

Quiotix RemoteAccess. The Quiotix RemoteAccess application implements the server portion of Apple's AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol. Like the Quiotix NetworkModem and Quiotix FaxServer applications, this application may be embedded in either terminal server hardware, with serial ports connected to modems, or into integrated network modem hardware. The tremendous success of the Macintosh PowerBook laptop computer has created tremendous demand for the ability to connect to a remote network over a modem connection, and be able to access services on a user's home network while away from the office. The Quiotix RemoteAccess application allows remote users to do just that.

AppleTalk Router. Routers are devices which connect separate physical networks into a single internetwork. We offer a complete, high-performance AppleTalk router implementation, which can route AppleTalk over LAN, WAN, or dial-up links.

Quiotix NetworkModem. The Quiotix NetworkModem application allows an entire workgroup or network to share one or more modems. By adding a network interface and our software to a modem, the modem can be connected directly to the network, offering the advantage of shared access. By adding only our software, existing terminal servers or serial print servers can act as shared modem servers.


The embedded AppleTalk protocol implementation, PrintServer application, ModemServer application, RemoteAccess application and AppleTalk router are all available for immediate license.

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