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The Quiotix NetworkModem Application

Overview. The Quiotix NetworkModem application allows an entire Macintosh workgroup or network to share a modem or pool of modems. By adding a network interface and our software to a modem, the modem can be connected directly to the network, offering the advantage of shared access. By adding only our software, existing terminal server or serial print server hardware can act as shared modem servers.

Accessing a NetworkModem. The NetworkModem server advertises a service name which corresponds to a modem or a pool of similar modems. Using Apple's standard Communications Toolbox ADSP tool, users can connect to the modem to initiate calls.

Operation. Most modern Macintosh communication applications, such as AppleLink, support the Communication Toolbox, which allows the user to select between a multitude of connection transports by choosing a connection tool. Apple provides a connection tool for the AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol (ADSP) with the Communication Toolbox. (Some other common connection tools are the Modem tool, the Telnet tool, and the LAT tool.) When using the ADSP connection tool, a user can select the desired network modem from the list of available ADSP services.

Requirements. The Quiotix NetworkModem application requires the services of the base AppleTalk protocols, including DDP and NBP, and the AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol (ADSP). These services are provided by the Quiotix Embedded AppleTalk package.

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