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Quiotix Embedded WebServer brings the immense potential of the World Wide Web to embedded systems by providing a full-featured implementation of an Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) server specifically designed for embedding. In addition to providing a new tool for network management applications, incorporating Web servers directly into embedded systems creates virtually limitless opportunities to provide innovative and exciting new services directly to the global Internet or corporate Intranets.

Designed for embedding

Because Quiotix Embedded WebServer was specifically designed for embedded use, it delivers all of the features of other web servers, but with a much smaller memory footprint. Using Quiotix's exclusive AutoSubset technology, QEWS automatically configures itself so that only features actually required by an application are present in the target environment. As an industrial-strength, highly reliable implementation, QEWS allows very rapid, trouble-free integration into product designs. Overall efficiency is very high, providing excellent performance even on low-cost platforms.

A new approach to network management

Web-based network management is an alternative approach that is rapidly gaining industry acceptance, and Quiotix Embedded WebServer allows embedded management interfaces to be developed quickly, easily, and at very low cost. Instead of using a custom client application or an expensive SNMP management console, network management tasks are performed using any available web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To reduce support costs, devices can incorporate their own documentation, ensuring that accurate, up-to-date documentation is always available to users and administrators. Embedded documentation can include electronic versions of traditional paper documentation (including pictures), audio and video clips, or dynamic user assistance that is sensitive to the current status of the device.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Full HTTP support Provides all features of server-based web servers. Will not be outgrown like a minimal product.
Designed for embedded use Small, fast, and easy to integrate with environment
Exclusive AutoSubset feature Automatically generates a minimal server subset for each application. Eliminates the need for multiple server products or "one size fits all" compromises.
InternalCGI 1.1 Standard-based API for implementing web content. Reduces learning curve for content developers and provides high performance.
SSI Allows static pages to incorporate dynamic elements, minimizing content development time.
Basic and Digest authentication, ACLs Standard security mechanisms provide authentication and access control by user or IP address
Automatic forms processing Eliminates complexity in content development
Image map support Supports clickable images using standard content format
Virtual file system Incorporates web content into embedded devices without a file system. Supports compression to minimize memory footprint
Host-based content development environment Minimizes content development time


The primary requirement of Quiotix Embedded WebServer is a TCP/IP protocol stack. It requires very few other services from the embedded environment, allowing it to work even in platforms without a real operating system. (Of course, it will also run well with an operating system.) The standard QEWS distribution includes system-dependent modules for Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, DEC Unix, and popular embedded operating systems such as VxWorks, pSOS, and LynxOS, as well as source code and complete documentation for porting to other environments

The Quiotix Consulting Group is available to provide porting or to assist in the design of innovative applications for this revolutionary technology.

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