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Let our leading Web experts keep you up to date with the latest Web developments, featuring the columns you need about JavaScript, DHTML, 3D Animation, Web design, and the Internet. Each is a respected author in their chosen field. Keep up with what they're all doing with our free weekly newsletter.

Robert Polevoi3D Animation Workshop
Perfect for artists and designers, this weekly 3D animation tutorial takes a straightforward, visual approach to teaching the principles behind animating 3D graphics for the Web. By Robert Polevoi. Bio.
Dr. Yehuda ShiranDoc JavaScript
A biweekly column on JavaScript by Dr. Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran. Learn how to use the latest features of JavaScript like style sheets, layers, and the new event handlers. The Shirans authored a book on JavaScript, "Learn Advanced JavaScript Programming" published by Wordware. Bio.
Dynamic HTML Lab
Every other week Dynamic HTML Lab will show how to add DHTML to your web site, with step by step tutorials, source code, working examples, plus full background materials. After reading the tutorials you'll be able to create your own sophisticated client-side, web-based applications while maintaining full backwards compatibility. As the new browsers evolve, so will the column. DHTML uses Cascading Style Sheets, positioning, and JavaScript as the "glue" that holds it all together. By Peter Belesis.

Production Graphics
Our newest expert columnist Wendy Peck, gives us a practical production perspective to creating graphics for your site. Designed for professional designers, Production Graphics provides semiweekly how-tos you can use to spiff up your site. Bio.

HTML with Style
A biweekly HTML/CSS tutorial that will make sure you're up to code. Whether you're a beginning Web coder, or an advanced developer, Stephanos will give you the foundation you need to look and perform your best. By Stephanos Piperoglou. Bio

Mother of Perl
Mother of Perl is a free semiweekly how-to devoted to all things Perl. This column will address the needs and concerns of Perl developers by providing practical, powerful, and elegant solutions to everyday problems. By Jonathan Eisenzopf. 990217 bio

Exploring XML
A free semiweekly how-to on eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and XSL by Michael Claßen. 991210 bio

Archived Columns

Dmitry's Design Lab
A monthly tutorial on professional web design by Dmitry Kirsanov. Trained and based in Russia, Dmitry boils down design into fundamental principles, and explores different topics in depth each month. Learn how to design a good company logo, use color effectively, and more. Bio.
Mark MerkowE-Commerce Watch
Mark Merkow is our new ecommerce expert columnist with biweekly high level analysis and explanation of the newest technologies related to e-commerce on the Internet. From SET, OBI, to Digital Certificates and security Mark codifies the complex. Bio. Mark has moved to E-Commerce Guide, please change your bookmarks to

Dan Giordan

Giordan on Graphics
Spruce up your page with our new graphics how-to site from Daniel Giordan, author and teacher. Mr. Giordan's many publications, including "Web Design Essentials" to be published in January by Adobe Press, plus his long professional experience promise to make his new column, Giordan on Graphics, a primary resource for Web site designers and creators.

Internet Outlook
A semiweekly newsletter on the latest trends and happenings on the Internet by Richard Wiggins. Wiggins, a noted Internet expert who writes for publications such as New Media, Internet World, and Netguide, and who hosts a TV show about the Internet, views the Internet from a global perspective, and will share his insights into what works and what doesn't on the Net. Don't miss the Internet License Plate Gallery. Bio

JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive
Still popular, Nick Heinle's weekly tips are archived here for your reference. The tips are still relevant, with over 30 tips including browser and plug-in detection, related/live menus, and more. Bio.

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