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One Pixel GIF



A one pixel gif file in any color is versatile. Perhaps you want to create your own lists, without going to an HTML list style.
You can add the GIF file to the beginning of a line.
In any size that you require.
In any rectangular shape.
Add an indent with the hspace tag
Or design a series of dots to attract attention.

Perhaps you would like to have lines to divide sections. The line above is a one pixel GIF file set to 250 by 5 pixel size.

The same line is used here at 200 by 2 pixel size.

Attractive menus can be created with text and a one pixel GIF file. The file I used here is 43 bytes, and will only be loaded once for your site. This method allows graphic enhancement with virtually no extra file size.






Of course, you can also create a vertical line from the one pixel GIF file. This GIF file was set to 2 by 100 pixel size, left alignment with a 5 pixel vertical space.

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