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Dingbats pg 9: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at webreference.com | 2


Dingbats 9: Resources/Offers


Don't forget to let us know what you have done. Send URLs, files, etc. to wpeck@internet. com.



This wonderful little animated heart was made by Marion Rose of Numanet.com. Based on Webdings "Y", it nestles into a press release, quietly demanding attention.

Ann-S-Thesia: Ann's Digital Dingbat Gallery. You have to see this gallery if you think a dingbat is just a dingbat.




Special Offers

We have some special offers from Dingbat artists specially for Production Graphics visitors.

Zone 23 Fonts will release demos for 2 new fonts to the general public in two weeks, but you get a chance to download them right now. Foopy 9 is much more structured than the previous Foopys, featuring more than 70 characters. You can download this font through this special link: Foopy 9. While you are downloading, make sure you take a look at Zone 23's brand new Gothic dingbat. These are similar to Foopys, but they are symmetrical: Zone 23 Gothic.

Dave at The Scriptorium really helped with the launch for this section, and went so far as to create a demo sampler featuring several of their most popular dingbat fonts. You can download this sampler in Mac or PC format. The Scriptorium site gives a brief development history of their new fonts, including Roughworks, which is featured on page 3 of this article.



Zone 23 Fonts
The Scriptorium
Antons Font World
Kingdom Hong (Hong 2 only)
The Dingbat Pages
My Fonts
Kemosabe's Font Source
SoftSeek Fonts
Graphic Heaven
Blu Fonts
Dingbat Fonts
Alder's Dings
Design Heaven
Digital Attitudes
Graphx Edge
Connie's Creations
Lezz Font


Dingbat Rich Links

I would like to remind everyone that while many fonts are free for demo and private use, most do have a charge for commercial use. Creating graphics from a dingbat, and using it for a client, or your own commerce site is definitely commercial use. Copyright notices and payment terms are usually included in the archived file you download. Make sure you follow the copyright statements. Respecting copyright is not only good for your legal protection and your soul, but will help to keep great font artists creating. See a great article on this issue at TypeRight.

Destiny's Design
The Font Pool

The Dingbat Cave
Sassy Fonts


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