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Web Site Redesign-

Microtech International


That's the word that came to mind when viewing the previous iteration of Microtech International's Web site. There are a few column divisions, colors that appeared old and faded, (Hmmm…do pixels fade?), and text. Lots of text.

Text text text text text.

Microtech International is an established manufacturer of computer peripheral products, known primarily for their digital photography enhancements such as digital film media and PC card readers. They also sell memory upgrades for Mac and PC systems, connectivity solutions, and the occasional hard drive or tape back-up. By their own admission, there were not a lot of resources to throw at a fancy redesign, and even then they were unable to assign a full time employee to manage the site. The feeling was that there was no use spending lots of time and money on a new look if no one internally could maintain it.

Those of us who are close to the Web have a hard time understanding this mentality, convinced as we are that the Internet is changing all of our lives, and that every child out of the womb should be assigned his own URL. This is a narrow view however. There are tons of companies that are concerned with growing their business and successfully serving their customer base. Sure the Web can help with that, but wrapping a business model around Internet technology is not always the number one priority. There are plenty of other business aspects that need managing. Thus was the case with Microtech.

Even with the older design, Microtech's site traffic was growing. They had just announced a USB to SCSI converter for the iMac market that was generating high amounts of interest from users and the press, and their overall market share for digital photography products was expanding. In fact, their site traffic doubled from October to November, which proved to be the final impetus to getting a redesign underway.

It was decided that the top two levels of the site would be revamped first, with changes to lower level pages coming in a second phase. Microtech felt they needed a clean, effective look that didn’t look "overly designed," and that was easy to upgrade and maintain.

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Created: Dec. 27, 1998
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