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The design approach

It's taken me four pages to get to the point of actual design and layout. This shows that the site you put up is more than just making attractive images and layouts. Now that we're here, let me explain the rationale for the decisions that were made.

The first consideration is for the way the site operates. It is 100% informational, showing who Microtech is, what they sell, where you can buy it, and how you can fix it. There are no streaming videos or QTVR effects, and Shockwave games, jokes, and other entertainment issues do not come into play here. Microtech is not trying to lure viewers to sell ads; they are providing information on a high quality line of digital photo and memory products. Therefore, I wanted the site to be clean, easy to read, and compact.

I took my cues from the existing Microtech product pages from the lower levels of the site. They were clean, concise, and well presented. I created a bright clean layout that structured information into two columns, one with a background color, the other white. I kept the main informational text blocks in the white column, with supplemental info such as addresses and additional links in the darker column.

I applied this approach to the department pages, which served as jump pages for product info, support, and company news. This was an easy template for Microtech to emulate as they added additional pages over time.

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