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Geo-Tile Backgrounds

Using the Photoshop Distort>Shear Filter

This is a new way to build very complex seamless tiles using the Distort>Shear filter in Photoshop. The great thing about this effect is that you don't need to do the multi-layer, edge-matching, Rubber Stamp effect to get everything to line up. You simply hit the Wrap Edge Pixels checkbox and a seamless tile is yours for the asking.

Having said that, I am obgligated to remind you that sometimes the worst thing in the world is to get what you want. These tiles get very busy and you may run into problems unless you use a fair amount of descretion in how you apply them. As we all know, busy backgrounds make for difficult reading and frustrated readers.

While you probably wouldn’t want to distort any recognizable shapes or images, geometric shapes and grids work perfectly, emphasizing the mathematics of the distortion filter. Try selecting subtle color combinations or lighter colors that create an effect that is almost textural rather than optical. Think about the minimalist effects used on currency and in watermarks as you create your own effects, although mine will be more overt, to ensure you can follow what's going on.

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