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Step 1- Build A Striped Tile

The basic approach is to create a grid which is distorted into geometric and organic patterns. We'll make things even more complex by distorting multiple layers and combining them with the blend modes. But before we get to the filters part, lets start by building the basic tile.

  1. Select File>New, and specify a file that is 5”x5” at 72ppi.

  2. Click on the foreground color swatch and select a color to use for the background. In this case I’ve chosen a warm yellow that is bright enough to support a fair amount of detail without being distracting. Fill the entire image using the Paintbucket tool.

  3. Select View>Show Rulers. Double-click the line tool to open the Line Tool Options palette. Set the line width to 4 pixels, and make sure that anti-alias is checked. Select a contrasting dark blue color as the foreground color and draw vertical lines every 1/2 inch with the line tool, using the rulers as your guide.

  4. Select Filter>Blur Gaussian Blur. Set the blur amount to one pixel and click OK to apply the effect.

At this point you've created a striped pattern that would repeat quite nicely as a tile, although it would not be very interesting. In the next step we add more complexity to the image as we apply the first filter effect.

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