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Step 2- Making Layers &
Applying the First Filter

On the last screen I told you that we were going to apply a filter to the tile, and I promise you that we will. But before we do that, we need to create duplicate layers of our tile. The reason for that is so we can create and combine multiple distortions. Trust me, it's pretty cool.

  1. Open the Layers palette and select the Background layer. Then make a copy of it by selecting Duplicate Layer from the Layers Palette options menu and clicking OK in the dialog box that appears. This creates a new layer in the Layers palette, just above the background layer, called Background Copy.

  2. Hide the Background layer by clicking off its visibility icon, and finish the step by activating the Background Copy layer. Now we're ready to apply the first filter.

  3. Select Filter>Distort>Shear. In the dialog box that appears, click and drag the lower graph anchor point all the way to the left and the top anchor all the way to the right, creating a diagonal. Click and drag to create two more points within the diagonal to create an S shaped curve, as shown. You can experiment with adding more points to increase the complexity, I just happen to like the 'serpentine thang.'

  4. Make sure that the Wrap Around button is checked, and click OK to apply the effect.

Here is how the background looks so far....

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