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Filter Variations

Distort filters can do more than just the warping effect in the previous example. While the Shear filter is a good place to start, The Distort filter section in Photoshop offers even more opportunities for background tile variations. I also used a different striped tile as source material, just for a change of pace.

Original Source tile for variations

Glass/Noise Filter
Choose Filter>Distort>Glass settings: distortion= 20, smoothness= 3, texture= frosted, scaling= 96%
then choose Filter>Noise>Add Noise settings: amount= 110, distribution= gaussian

Diffuse Glow/Ripple
Choose Filter> Distort>Diffuse Glow settings: graininess= 9, glow amount= 20, clear amount= 4
then choose brown and yellow as foreground and background colors and choose Filter>Distort>Ripple settings: amount= 999%, size= large

Shear Filter
Choose Filter> Distort>Shear settings: set grid points and button settings in serpentine pattern as shown on page 3, step 3.
then choose Filter>Fade Shear settings: mode= difference, opacity = 80%

Wave/Ripple Filter
Choose Filter> Distort>Wave settings: generators= 4, wavelength= 1min 605max, amplitude= 9min 103max, scale= 100%horiz 100%vert, type= square.
then choose Filter>Distort>Ripple settings: amount= 232%, size= medium

Shear/Wave Filter
Begin with the results of the Shear filter example.
Choose Filter>Distort>Wave settings: generators= 77, wavelength= 10min 699max, amplitude= 5min 64max, scale= 100%horiz 100%vert type= sine

Diffuse Glow/Shear Filter Combination
Drag Diffuse Glow and Shear/Wave images into the same file as separate layers, with Diffuse Glow as top layer.
Diffuse Glow layer settings: mode= difference opacity= 33%

Polar Filter
Choose Filter> Distort>Polar settings: convert= rectangular to polar
then choose Filter>Fade Polar settings: mode= hue, opacity= 100%,
then choose Filter>Pixelate >Pointillize settings: cell size= 3


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