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Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions, Pt. 1 | 3

Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions

If you are using the Windows platform, you can also rotate images while in the Organizer. Simply select the Rotate Left or Rotate Right icons at the bottom left of the screen. (You can also use the keyboard commands Ctrl+Left arrow or Ctrl+Right arrow. You can also use the rotate controls at the bottom of the Auto Fix window (Edit > Auto Fix Window), but if you are working on a JPEG image, your edited image will be slightly degraded because it will be recompressed and saved as a JPEG when you exit. (See the following note).

Regardless of how you do it, don't worry if you rotate your image the wrong way. Most of the time you can undo your mistake by rotating your image until you get it right or by using one of the various Undo controls and trying again ("What Do You Do When You Mess Up?" earlier in this section).

Note : If you start with a JPEG file, rotate the image as I have described, and then save the final version in the JPEG file format, the saved image can become slightly degraded. This is because every time you decompress, change, and then compress a JPEG file, there is a slight loss of quality. Although the effect is minimal, it is cumulative.the more times you open, change, and close a JPEG, the more you'll degrade the image (another reason to leave your original image intact and always do a File