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CorelDraw Text Primer! Almost all graphic projects include some text, and vector programs excel in this department. (Note: Even if you do not own a vector program, but wonder why so many love this type of program, take a peek at how easy it is to work with text.) Learn how CorelDraw's text tools work, and which method is best for different applications. From entering basic or paragraph text, to professional typography control, this series of 14 tutorials covers the total subject. All in an easy to follow, step-by-step format with nearly 100 screen shots to "show" the way. Take control of CorelDraw text starting now! CorelDraw Total Text Control and CorelDraw Total Text Control: Part 2.

More menus, more menus ... we want more! And more you get in the second in a series focusing on menus. This time the spotlight rolls to graphics, including methods to create clear text at small sizes and tab menus. The "don't miss" highlight this time is designing menus for liquid design, including how to cover flexible areas with an image. See Menus with Beauty and Brains 2: Graphics.

Pssst! Need some menu help? No need to be shy about it, creating effective navigation is a complex subject with few rules. Complex, but quite logical once you learn to divide your navigation needs into sections and add some planning tricks. This first article in a series about menus will help you to master site navigation and improve your reputation as a designer. Menus with Beauty and Brains.

Master those tools. CorelDraw has powerful tools, but sometimes they can be confusing. Check out this step-by-step journey through every basic tool. Understanding how the tools work will boost your creativity to new heights. CorelDraw 101: Basic Toolbox.

Go ahead ... change that channel! We're back to basics with a close-up look at channels in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Master the image enhancing and special effects power of channels for stunning results. Photoshop and PSP Channels: What, When and Why?

Confused by CorelDraw's color options? Not surprising, since there are so many ways to apply color and outlines to your objects. Learn all the tricks and then pick your favorite. Corel 101: Color Management Tools.

Fireworks comes out to play. Although Fireworks offers powerful fill and effects tools, fun is the word that comes to mind, since experimenting is so easy. You can also capture your perfect effects for later use. Learn how in Fireworks Effects: Enhance Your Designs.

New CorelDraw tutorial. Start your page right with this new tutorial, which steps you through setting up your initial page parameters. See Start Your Page Right.

Illustrator in fun mode! We tend to think of vector programs as the ones that can get the job done. But they can roll up the carpet and dance with the best of raster programs. And they have some great moves, like text on a path, that nothing else can touch. In this first in a Vector series, Adobe Illustrator shows off. Jazzy Vector Effects: Vectors Can Be Fun.

Proud to present ... Shirley Kaiser with 3D Dingbats! Shirley Kaiser is an experienced Web designer who owns, and has written many tutorials that help clear the fog on special techniques. Learn how to add the texture and lighting effects that give a very lifelike appearance to your art, using Photoshop 6 and Alien Skin's Eye Candy 3.1. 3D Dingbats with Shirley Kaiser.

New Series ... A special series of over 100 CorelDraw mini- tutorials. This ever-growing series will step you through the basics and take you to some of the more advanced features, in a very easy, picture-rich format. Bookmark and follow along. CorelDraw 101 Table of Contents.

Add life to your pages with shadows. We all use shadows, but do we really use them correctly? This entire article is devoted to understanding shadows. Learn customizing methods to create dynamic shadows, shadows that will make your page jump to life for viewers. Into the Shadows.

NOTE: We also have a treat in store with the next issue. Shirley Kaiser, owner of will do a guest article for us, featuring dingbats and 3D work. Shirley does great design and is a master when it comes to explaining techniques. Don't miss it!

Paint Shop Pro selections take the stage! Take control of the most important skill for any raster program with this in-depth look at how to make and modify selections. Paint Shop Pro Selections.

Master Photoshop selections now! Photoshop skill and efficiency is always dependent on one critical step – getting your selection right. This one stop primer provides information that can take years to learn when you must pick up selection techniques bit by bit. Photoshop Selections: Back to Basics.

Finally Fireworks! After exploring raster layers, we wander into the vector world with layers. BONUS: Don McKay leads you step-by-step through the process. Plenty to keep you busy in Fireworks in Layers and PSP Text in Circles.

Calling Photoshop power users. I have a real treat for you. I talked Shangara Singh (user extrordinare) into sharing some tips with us. He has compiled a rich list of shortcuts and rare knowledge for working with layers – you have to see this! PS layers update.

Are you exploiting your PaintShop Pro layers to the fullest? Layers can save you time, save hair-pullling, and improve the quality of your work. Learn how to use the organizational features for layers, as well as special effects. Don't miss this primer if you are a PSP user. PaintShop Pro Layers: Natural Organizers

Photoshop 6 is out of the closet. Or is that I am out of the closet since I can finally talk about it? Adobe officially released information on the new versions of Photoshop and ImageReady this morning, and a fine release it is. Take a walk through the working side of the new programs, set to be released in late September. Photoshop 6 Working Review.

Take control of layers in Photoshop! If you want to work faster and create more professional graphics, you must have control of layers. This article digs down deep to find the best tips and techniques to make your work sail along. Copy layers, copy effects, make layers from effects – it's all here. Powerful Photoshop Layers: Freedom Tools.

Peeking beneath the hood of your graphics! This article will blow the fog away on several confusing graphic terms and operations, including vector and raster. We're giving you the stripped down facts that will improve the quality of your graphics and reduce your production time. See Graphic Underworld: Looking Behind the Pretty Pictures.

Bring your pages to life! Often, tiny additions to your site can make the difference between ho-hum and Wow! Learn how to quickly create graphics elements and work them into your sites for extra impact and easier navigation. Better work – less time – not one to miss. Graphic Lifts: Little Enhancement for Pro Results.

There go the gradients! In the third and final article on gradient fills we look at CorelDraw (fountain fills) and Macromedia Flash. Take a look! Gradient Vector Fills/Blends 2.

How do gradients and blends work with vectors? Find out how to make the gradient fill of your dreams. Get these powerful effects working for you in Illustrator and Freehand with Gradient Vector Fills/Blends 1.

Great Text Examples! Inspiration can be hard to come by, but this collection of Web sites featuring excellent text use will get your creative mind racing. Fire up your creativity with Text on Display.

Master those gradient fills! This first installment of a three part series takes you through Photoshop, PaintShop Pro and Fireworks. Next time it will be Illustrator, Freehand and then finally CorelDraw and Flash. Get gradient fills working for you.

Typography for the Web! Typography is very rewarding for the designer. Raise your "pro" level with typography.

More navigation graphics! From sites that are special because they are simple, to navigation running several layers deep, here are samples to inspire ideas for your next project. Navigation Graphics 2. And if you missed the first part, check out Navigation Graphics 1.

Glass is hot! Learn to build glass buttons in Photoshop and PaintShop Pro. The first in an ongoing navigation button series. Glass buttons.

Digging deeper into masks: Two weeks ago we opened a subject that tortures many graphic artists – masks. This week, we are digging deeper into the mysteries of masks and wander carefully into (gasp) channels. They aren't so hard ... really! Masks 2.

Demystifying masks: Though masks can be confusing they are really quite simple, as you will see in this, the first of a two part series on masks. Take a break and practice with the techniques included. Masks.

Wow! Lynda Weinman in person ... well, in personal conversation with yours truly. Lynda Weinman.


Wendy Peck is a working Web designer and writer living in NW Ontario, Canada.



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CorelDraw Total Text Control: Part 2
CorelDraw Total Text Control
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