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Acme Computer Corp.: Who We Are | 6

Acme Computer Corp.

Acme Computer Corporation is a technology-based company that seeks to offer its customers the latest in technological innovation. Our products are created using the latest breakthroughs in computers and are designed by a team of top-notch experts.

Global Presence, Global Thinking

We are based in Acmetown, USA, and have offices in most major cities around the world. Our goal is to have a global approach to the future of computing.

This Web site is where you can find information on our products and the technologies we use and develop daily. You can browse our product catalog, order products online, read technical manuals published by Acme Press, and read press releases and other information about ACC.

What's New

Dr. Arnold D. Propellerhead's best-selling book, Transfirbulation Technology, is now available online in its entirety. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Object Transfirbulation and is the perfect companion for Acme's top-of-the-line Name Sequencer, M.O.R.O.N.S.

Acme Computer Corp. has just acquired ThinkMeUp, Inc., the industry leader in Object Costrabulation. This bold business move promises a combination of Acme's experience in Transfirbulation with TMU's exciting Constrabulation technology. Read the full press release.

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