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Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition

Apache: The Definitive Guide Book Cover
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Authors: Shawn Wallace
ISBN: 0596002033
$39.95 US
Pages: 588
Pub: O'Reilly

Book Overview (Condensed, from the publisher)

Apache is far and away the most widely used web server platform in the world. This server runs more than half of the world's existing web sites. Apache runs more than 21 million web sites ranging from huge e-commerce operations to corporate intranets and smaller hobby sites. [Just over 11 million "active" sites as of January, 2003. See the Netcraft Web Server Survey for latest figures and a definition of "active" sites. -Ed.]

Updated to cover the changes in Apache's latest release, 2.0, as well as Apache 1.3, this useful guide discusses how to obtain, set up, secure, modify, and troubleshoot the Apache software on both Unix and Windows systems. In addition to covering the installation and configuration of mod_perl and Tomcat, the book examines PHP, Cocoon, and other new technologies that are associated with the Apache web server.

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