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Internet Explorer
Microsoft's super-popular browser...perhaps you've heard of it? Windows and Mac versions available.
Makers of the fine browser Netscape Navigator, available for Windows, Mac, and Unix platforms.
The upstart browser company. Compact, fast and streamlined. Windows and BeOS versions available, other platforms coming in late '99.
NCSA Mosaic
Makers of the browser that started it all, Mosaic.
1X Net Browser
Extremely compact (only 1.4 meg!) Windows browser. Supports frames, tables, forms, SSL security, and ActiveX.
SURF 1.4
Open Source text-only Web browser, for Win/DOS platforms.
A powerful off-line HTML browser, runs off a floppy. No Winsock.DLL required. Supports all HTML 2 tags. Supports HTML Tables, HTML Forms. Supports background images and colors. Export HTML files as plain text without tags.
Compact Macintosh browser, with selectable image and cookie filtering, HTML 4.0 support and more.
Not a browser per se, but rather an add-on to IE4+ that provides additional functionality and a highly customizable appearence.
Smoke Zone
Makers of the Pheonix Millenium Internet Suite and Trollio Classic -- IE add-ons with multiple pane browsing, integrated FTP client, and more.

Kid-Friendly Browsers

Surf Monkey
Kiddie-browser with in-page content filtering, parental safety control and customization features, integrated animation and cartoon chat, built-in dictionary and thesarus checking and more.
Hexabit Junior
IE add-on, providing parental password controls and a TV-like interface.
Monja Kids
IE add-on, with integrated animations in both browser and email. Features parental controls and more.

Browser Collections

Browserwatch (*)
Lists browsers alphabetically and by platform. Includes most browsers with home pages for downloading. Has a survey page that quantifies the popularity of different browsers and links to similar efforts. The most up-to-date resource for the latest browser news.
Evolt Browser Archive (*)
Massive list of every browser under the sun. Reviews, news and more, constantly updated.
CNETs all-encompassing browser resource, provides fast access to browser software and plug-ins for both PC and Mac users. Draws on CNETs other sites for reviews, and tips.
Computers:WWW :Browsers
Yahoo browser links.

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