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Receive Internet programming enhanced with rich graphics, animation, video and audio from a wide selection of local, national and international news, financial, entertainment, sports and technology Channels. Currently only available for Windows 95 and NT.
Allows you to sign up for your special interests on the Internet from sites that offer BackWeb channels. Then that information is delivered directly to your computer (whether or not you're actively connected to the Internet) at which point you can view it immediately or save it for later. Currently available for Windows 95, 3.11 and NT.
Castanet Transmitter
Java-based transmitter runs on a server machine and serves versions of Castanet channel files to tuners. The Castanet Transmitter is extensible by per-channel plug-ins. Currently available for Windows 95, NT, MacOS, and Solaris.
Subscribe to hundreds of channels, with thousands of topics to choose from, when updates occur in the topics you select, they're automatically updated in your browser. Subscribing/unsubscribing works with your existing browser in the background and allows you to remain 100% anonymous. Communicator by Intermind. Currently available for Windows 95, NT, 3.1, 3.11.
Receive up-to-the-minute information broadcasted directly from the PointCast Central Broadcast Facility. It's free. Currently available for Windows and Macintosh. Special Canadian version.



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