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HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

HTTP servers, also called Web servers, allow you to serve information over the Internet. The Web server accepts requests from browsers and then returns the appropriate documents. Currently we have info on particular HTTP Web servers and links for more info.


HTTP Servers

Apache (*)
An improved version of the NCSA server, Apache has become the most popular Unix server software on the Web. Fixes many of NCSA's bugs and security holes, is faster, and offers automatic content negotiation.
Pure Java-based Web server.
Domino Server R5
Integrated messaging and Web application software platform for companies.
A small, fast Application/Web Server written entirely in Java.
Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0
IIS 5.0 is fully integrated into the Windows 2000 Server package. It provides provides most of the features needed to run an advanced Web site and is one of the leading servers on Windows. IIS 5.0 supports gzip compression.
NCSA HTTPd Overview
An HTTP/1.0 compatible server for making hypertext and other documents available to Web browsers. Development has ceased.
Netscape Server Central
Home of the Netscape Commerce Server, Communications Server, and Fasttrack Servers. Featuring high performance and security, and open standards.
Quid Pro Quo
A powerful Web server for the MacOS, Quid Pro Quo offers advanced features such as virtual hosts and multihoming.
Roxen WebServer
Fast, easy-to-administer open-source Web server with Java 2 Modules and Java Servlets 2.2 support, PHP4 internal support, XML-compliant RXML parser, database support for commercial databases, and more.
Sambar Server
Simple server that isn't too easy but easy enough for a newbie to get it, play around with it, and learn it.
An easily set up, basic Web server for Windows.
WebSite (*)
Top rated Windows HTTP server from O'Reilly. Now available free for evaluation. Has all the bells and whistles including built-in searching, graphical site overview, bbs, forms, and the Pro version has secure sockets and Cold Fusion thrown in.
Http server for Macintosh by StarNine. One-click installation and no Unix makes this one of the most popular web server packages available.
Zeus Web Server
A feature-rich Web server that specializes in secure virtual server support.

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