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Below you'll find Java and general web development-oriented on-line and print magazines. For chat, mailing lists, and newsletters try the discussion page.

Web Developer (*)
A web site devoted to teaching web developers their craft. Aimed at intermediate to advanced users, targets personnel responsible for developing and maintaining software, hardware, and security on the world's leading Web sites and online services. Includes a popular discussion forum where developers can discuss Java, Activex and other hot topics.
Internet World (*)
Weekly on-line and off magazine for Web Professionals.
An on-line laboratory/e-zine where you can use next generation Internet technologies and help shape the future of the Net. This site grows each week as new technologies, stories, and interviews are added.
Datamation (*)
Full text on-line version of this monthly magazine for IS Managers. Aimed at more advanced developers includes coverage of Java, WWW/Database interfaces, server issues and more.
On-line only e-zine that covers computer technology.
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Monthly magazine for programmers, includes articles on Internet/Web programming.
Hip, current, the on-line version of their popular Wired magazine. Don't miss Webmonkey, where the geeks at HotWired share their secrets.
Subscription-based monthly for designing, developing, deploying & managing Internet and Intranet Web Solutions.
Systems Journal
"MSJ is the Windows Developers' source for timely information. COM, HTML help, interface issues, and more.
Interactive Developer (MIND)
Get the inside scoop on Microsoft's newest technologies for the Web and beyond.
Developer Network (*)
Daily news and how-to's for the Microsoft web development community. Has regular columnists on topical subjects of interest to webmaster and web developers.
NC World Magazine
Monthly e-zine on network-centric computing, contains columns, analysis, and a unique feature that critiques press misinformation. Focuses on Java and Network Computers.
Netscape Enterprise Developer
IDG's independent resource for enterprise developers, includes news, columns (ecommerce, extranets), and a job bank. Magazine
Keep up with O'Reilly's latest books with this fine site. Consists of a series of articles, book excerpts, and interviews with experts about the Internet, system administration, Unix, and programming. From O'Reilly and Associates.
The Scout Report (*)
A weekly publication from the University of Wisconsin Comp. Sci. Department and the InterNIC of new, high quality Internet resources and network tools. Aimed primarily at educators and researchers the Scout Report is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in finding the best new sites quickly. Since it's from the InterNIC, the quality of sites chosen is very high. Don't miss SignPost, where you can search or browse the entire Scout Report archives, and check out the cream of the Web.
Sunworld Online (*)
A monthly magazine for the Sun community which includes regular Webmastering and Java columns.
Cool e-zine with valuable articles on Web/Net technology and news.
UnixWorld Online
"UnixWorld is a subscription-free, Web-only based magazine that provides practical, tutorial-oriented articles and columns for beginner to expert users, programmers, and system administrators of platforms running the UNIX operating system."
Web Developer's Journal
Software and book reviews, and how-to articles for web developers in this on-line only zine.
Web Informant
Monthly guide for Web developers. By subscription, minimial info online.
Web Review (*)
"Master the Medium, with Tutorials, Reference, Tools, and Insights." An excellent weekly zine with in-depth articles and how-to about the creating the Web. Now features daily Web news. Innovative, intuitive interface with clean, fast-loading graphics.
WebServer Magazine
Designed for technical personnel involved in Web site administration and webmastering.
Web Techniques (*)
Monthly magazine aimed at Web developers with how-to articles on various techniques.
Web Tools Review
An on-line journal for web developers with articles, photography, how-to, and commentary from the tireless Philip Greenspun.
Win95 Magazine
Monthly magazine devoted to Windows 95 users. Has some reviews of Net/Web-related products and plug-ins. From Steve Jenkins, author of
Windows Magazine
Has Web hot spots and related stories.


Internet Java & ActiveX Advisor
monthly technical guide to building component interactive solutions.
Java Pro
E-zine full of up-to-date java articles, tips and techniques.
Java Report
This bi-monthly Java Report is designed to provide Web designers, developers, and users with up-to-date information about Java from experts in the field.
Java Vision
A publication for Java computing in the enterprise that is updated weekly.
A monthly electronic magazine all about the Java programming language published by IDG Communications, known for MacWorld, PC World, and Computerworld. Has a hands-on section, news, and resources including applets.

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