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Interviews With the People Behind the Web

It's easy to get absorbed with the technology of the Internet, and forget that behind it all are the people that makes the Web spin. Join us for the interviews and discussions with the movers, shakers (and up & comers) of the Net.

Molly Holzschlag, and the Human Side of the Web
Maura "Chip" Yost interviews Molly Holzschlag. Molly is a prolific Web author, instructor, and designer. In this interview, the two discuss technology and the sometimes overlooked human side of the Web. 000413

Graphics Greats: Lynda Weinman Interview
Wendy Peck interviews the design diva herself, Lynda Weinman. This wide-ranging talk sheds light on Lynda's work and teaching, her humble beginnings, and where she thinks Web design is headed. 000323

Jumping on the Cluetrain with David Weinberger
Maura "Chip" Yost interviews David Weinberger, one of the co-authors of the popular book "The Cluetrain Manifesto". 000302

Andy King on Sean Murphy
We interview the interviewer, Sean Murphy of A new twist on Web development sites, MasterDevelopers interviews the developers behind successful sites to find out what makes them tick. 000131

Less is More with Jakob Nielsen
Andy King interviews Dr. Jakob Nielsen, the Web's usability czar, about his latest book (Designing Web Usability), usability strategies, the Web's future, and why IE8 will finally get it right. 991214

Interview with Adobe's Doug Meisner and Karen Gauthier
A look at the features of Photoshop and ImageReady with Meisner and Gauthier, two of the Program Managers from Adobe. 990809

Interview with Open Directory's Dariusz Paczuski
A talk with Dariusz Paczuski, the Program Manager of the Netscape Open Directory Project, on this user-maintained Web directory. 990308


Revised: July 31, 2000