dcsimg How did I change all those frames at once? Well I'll show you. The first thing I did was create the frames:

<FRAMESET COLS="60%,40%">
  <FRAMESET ROWS="30%,70%">
    <FRAME NAME = "one" SRC="buttons.html">
    <FRAME NAME = "two" SRC="first.html">
  <FRAMESET ROWS="30%,70%">
    <FRAME NAME = "three" SRC="cell.html">
    <FRAME NAME = "four" SRC="cell.html">

As you can see, the frames each have names; one, two, three, and four. To change the properties of frames, just refer to them by name. For example, when the "Start" button was pressed, the code to change the frames' locations was executed:

function start(){
    parent.one.location = "part_1.html";
    parent.two.location = "exp_1.html";
    parent.three.location = "change.html";
    parent.four.location = "color.html";

In this case I changed the location property of frames one, two, three, and four to part_1.html, exp_1.html, change.html, and color.html respectively. Now lets say you wanted to change some other property of a frame. Its simple! How about changing the background color of a frame. To see how this would be done, type a color into the frame entitled "Background Color", and then click on the "Change Color" button to continue this mini-tutorial.