JavaScript Tip of the Week for May 13, 1996: Spiff up the Old Page | Source Code | WebReference

JavaScript Tip of the Week for May 13, 1996: Spiff up the Old Page | Source Code

JavaScript Tip of the Weekfor May 13, 1996: Source Code: Spiff up the Old Page

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Source code for More about the fade script:
 * fade script ver0.1 by 1996/02/20
 * Copyright (c) 1996 Kouichirou Eto. All Rights Reserved.
 * You can freely copy, use, modify this script,
 * if the credit is given in the source.
 * If you would like to get information for this script,
 * please access 
function makearray(n) {
    this.length = n;
    for(var i = 1; i  255)
        return "ff";
        return "" + hexa[Math.floor(i/16)] + hexa[i%16];
function setbgColor(r, g, b) {
    var hr = hex(r); var hg = hex(g); var hb = hex(b);
    document.bgColor = "#"+hr+hg+hb;
function fade(sr, sg, sb, er, eg, eb, step) {
    for(var i = 0; i 

Source code for Improved status bar messages:
function message(txt){
        window.status = txt;
function remove_message(){
Use this to display messages:
        onMouseOver = "message('Here is the message.'); return true;

Source code for Random Quotes and Images:
/* This code is Copyright (c) 1996 Nick Heinle and Athenia Associates, 
 * all rights reserved. In order to receive the right to license this 
 * code for use on your site the original code must be copied from the
 * Web site License is granted to user to 
 * reuse this code on their own Web site if and only if this entire copyright
 * notice is included. Code written by Nick Heinle of
var wordArray = new makeArray('Oui', 'Yes', 'Da', 'Si');
var musicArray = new makeArray('../music/pop/relief1.mid', '../music/soundtrk/algarve1.mid', '../music/soundtrk/prelude1.mid', '../music/funky/groovy1.mid');
function makeArray(){
this.length = makeArray.arguments.length
for (var i = 0; i