dcsimg For those of you who have not done the May 6 tip here is a quick overview of how to load multiple frames. For those of you who have this will refresh your memory. To change all the frames when start is pressed, this code is used:
function start(){
    parent.frames[0].location = "toolbar.html";
    parent.frames[1].location = "main02.html";
    parent.frames[2].location = "bottom_nav.html";
The frames are refered to as frame 0, 1, 2 (or by name). These numbers are determined by their order in the frame code. The first frame mentioned in <FRAMESET> would be 0, the second would be 1, and so on:
    <FRAMESET COLS = "30%,70%">
    <FRAME NAME = "a" SRC = "URL"> <-- Frame [0]
    <FRAME NAME = "b" SRC = "URL"> <-- Frame [1]
Now take a look at the bottom frame: there you see back and forward buttons. I've gotten a lot of questions about navigating through the history of a frame, and now I am going to show you how. Try pressing back, then return by pressing forward. I find this to be very helpful, especially when there are a lot of frames to deal with. Please press continue to learn how this is done.