dcsimg To navigate through the history of a frame, this line of code is all that you need:
When the back button is pressed, the code above is activated. The code simply tells frame 1 to go back one level in its history. The code for the forward button is almost identical except in place of back() the code uses forward(). There is also another way to navigate through the history of a frame:
The negative 'one' in parenthesis instructs the frame to go back one level. To go forward make 'one' positive. This code does the same thing as the first example. However, it can be used to jump more than one level at a time. If you want to go back two levels just change the code to go(-2). Take a look at the bottom frame again; notice the jump button and the numbers -2, -1, +1, +2. If you select one of the numbers and then press jump, the the main frame will move in its history the number you select. So if you choose -2 and press jump, this frame will move back 2 levels in its history. This is one way of using the go(x) method to travel through the history of a frame.