JavaScript Tip of the Week for August 26, 1996: Meet The New Event Handlers

Here they are, the new event handlers. You may already be familiar with some of them, but probably not all of them. Most of these have examples that go along with them, which I hope will prove useful. This documentation is right from Netscape, but they didn't have examples (ha).

onAbort Activated when user aborts the loading of an image.
onBlur Activated when a window or frame is no longer the active window.
onError Activated when a document or image loading causes an error.
onFocus Activated when a window or frame becomes the active window.
onMouseOut Activated when the mouse leaves an area (client-side image map) or link.
onReset Activated when when a reset event occurs in a form.

Note: This tip doesn't really need
source so I didn't include any.