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This week we take up the challenge of creating CSS versions of table-based layouts. We've managed to reproduce WebRef's home page completely in CSS. Look Ma, no tables! Peter's released his latest hiermenus (now with no outstanding issues) and Wendy continues her menu series, with a great piece on creating JavaScript rollovers. Last but not least we review a new must-read book that will surely save, and make you budding entrepreneurs money.

New this week on WebReference.com and the Web:

1. UPDATE: Evolution of a Home Page - 3-Column CSS Home Page 2. DHTML: Hierarchical Menus: Version 4.0.10 3. GRAPHICS: Photoshop and ImageReady Rollovers 4. FEATURE: Taking Your Talent to the Web: Part II 5. BOOK REVIEW: Dot.com Success 6. CONTEST: Subscribe & Win 7. OTHER VOICES: * JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It * Vignette brings applications to content management * Optimizing your MySQL Application 8. NET NEWS: * Can you get a new domain name? * Meckler on Media: Yahoo! * Blogged Down in the PR Machine

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. UPDATE: Evolution of a Home Page - 3-Column CSS Home Page

They said it couldn't be done. But they were wrong. Thanks to a loyal reader and numerous iterations, we've created a CSS version of WebRef's home page. These CSS-based layouts are identical in appearance to the current table version, but are table-free. Works on all version 5+ browsers (including the problem child, Mac/Win IE5). By Andy King.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. DHTML LAB: Hierarchical Menus: Version 4.0.10

The latest version of our cascading menus addresses all known issues and includes a new positioning feature by popular request. By Peter Belesis.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. PRODUCTION GRAPHICS: Photoshop and ImageReady Rollovers

Learn the fine art of semi-automating rollovers with Photoshop and ImageReady. By Wendy Peck.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. FEATURE: Taking Your Talent to the Web: Part II

Want to increase your site's navigation, usability and branding? Jeffrey Zeldman will help you do all this and more. From New Riders.


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. BOOK REVIEW: Dot.com Success: Surviving the Fallout and Consolidation

Think the Internet Revolution is over? Think again. But to make the grade you've got to have the right plan and business model to succeed. Silicon Valley journalist Sally Richards cuts through the hype in her breezy style to give entrepreneurs the tools and insider advice they need to filter ideas, and pitch to investors.

What do VCs want? Sally says there are basically three kinds of dot.com businesses:

1. Banner advertising model (B2C) - forget it 2. Content model (B2B) - only aggregators should try this now 3. Licensing model - now you're talking

VCs look for proprietary and disruptive technology, passionate founders, and a compelling story. With these key attributes you've got a better chance of succeeding online, and to get funded.

So how do you "waterproof" your business plan and avoid being part of the bloody carnage on the infobahn? The Internet's version of Survivor is won by companies that have:

1. A solid revenue model - preferably several 2. Smart funding 3. Kick-ass partnerships 4. Fantastic marketing 5. A smart executive team 6. Hard-working employees 7. Conservative spending 8. A well-executed exit strategy

This is a great book, and if you're thinking of starting a business, a must read. Recommended.

Dot.com Success By Sally Richards Sybex, $24.99 ISBN: 0782128513


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. CONTEST: Signup & Win JPEG Wizard and PICShow!

Signup and Win Contest winners for last week are: Mark Cahall of Raleigh, NC, Wal Burkinshaw of Figtree, Australia, Stu Weissman of Fairport, NY, and Shelley Stockett of Glen Burnie, MD. Congratulations! Enjoy the software.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. OTHER VOICES: JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It, Vignette brings applications to content management, Optimizing your MySQL Application

>JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It

How has JavaScript survived, and even thrived in today's fractured browser environment? JavaScript may well have the widest installed base and impact of any cross-platform scripting language. Steve Champeon makes a persuasive argument that JavaScript is definitely worth learning.

http://www.javascript.com (more info :) http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/javascript/2001/05/17/why_javascript.html O'Reilly, May 17, 2001

>Vignette brings applications to content management

Vignette is layering its CM strengths into vertical applications for portals. First up is its Financial Advisor Suite, with built in collaboration tools.

http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/01/05/21/010521hncontent.xml Infoworld, May 21, 2001

>Optimizing your MySQL Application

So you need to get your site zipping along again before your host threatens to kick you off for almost killing their server. How do you do this? Enter: MySQL's internal turbo-charger, indexes.

http://www.webmasterbase.com/article.php/402 Webmasterbase.com, May 21, 2001

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. NET NEWS: Can you get a new domain name?, Meckler on Media: Yahoo!, Blogged Down in the PR Machine

>Can you get a new domain name?

Grabbing an Internet address that ends with a new domain may be more difficult than you think. http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-5991783.html News.com, May 21, 2001

>Meckler on Media: Yahoo!

Our own Alan Meckler responds to viewer mail, on Mary Meeker, and content business models, own or repackage? http://www.atnewyork.com/views/article/0,1471,8481_769061,00.html AtNewYork.com, May 18, 2001

>Blogged Down in the PR Machine

Consider the harried, overworked PR rep. She's struggling to set up interviews for dozens of legitimate journalists from print, broadcast, and, yes, even online outlets, and suddenly she has to deal with someone claiming to be a writer for NUblog. What is a "NUblog," anyway? http://ojr.usc.edu/content/story.cfm?request=581 Online Journalism Review, May 16, 2001

That's it for this week, see you next time.

Scott Clark Managing Editor, WebReference.com sclark@internet.com

Dan Ragle Assistant Editor, WebReference.com dragle@internet.com

Andrew King Newsletter Editor, WebReference.com aking@internet.com

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