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Microsoft and Apple: Why All the Fuss?

Read the official press release from Microsoft announcing the Apple agreement.

See the audience gasp in horror as the deal is announced via CNN's coverage of the Macworld announcement.

Since the Mac is touted as a superior platform for design, it's perhaps symbolic that as of this writing Apple's own home page has a subtle but real HTML error. Can you find it?

Apple's Home Page as of August 18, 1997 (Perhaps this is a cheap shot, as the HTML comments seem to indicate this page was hand-edited from a template design, but somehow it seemed emblematic.)

What do you make of all this? Are you a Mac aficionado who thinks a Mac is still the only tool for desktop design? Are you building HTML pages or RealAudio programs or Quicktime videos for the Web on your Mac, and you'll never switch? I'd love to hear from you on this or any other topic discussed in Internet Outlook. Drop me a line!

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